Use pause to free yourself from your phone while competing others to see who can stay ‘offline’ the longest. Pause will track and monitor the amount of time you spend offline.
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Pause works by tracking the amount of time your phone is in Airplane Mode.


Set the timer

Use the slider to set the amount of time you want to Pause.


Pick the activity

Choose the activity you will be doing instead of staring at your phone.

To the airplane mode

Take a break

Finish by going to Settings and activating your phone’s Airplane Mode.

You can also...


Compete with friends

Looking for a challenge? Invite your friends to Pause and see how well you fare against them.


What's it all about?

It might not be a drug, but a digital based addiction can still keep you away from your real life.

Pause is a mobile app designed to help us reconnect with real life. Pause helps us to reduce our dependency on digital media and in turn free us up to do something more.

Who is more addicted, you or your friends? Pause uses a leaderboard so you can compete and compare the amount of time you spend looking at the world beyond a touchscreen.

Pause works by tracking the amount of time your phone is in Airplane Mode. First, open Pause and set the amount of time you want to be offline and the activity you plan on doing. Finally, activate the Airplane Mode in your phone’s Settings to complete the process. It is that easy. Read a book, cook a meal, talk with your friends - disconnect from the digital to reconnect to the real...

Pause Together allows to invite other users to pause with you. You can send the Pause request and your friends can join you. You can enjoy being offline together.

What’s the Goal?

Addiction to digital media is a growing problem. The goal of Pause is to help users reduce their reliance on digital devices by providing a way to track progress and introduce goals of reducing digital addiction and create meaningful interaction in our lives beyond the digital realm.

Read the launch post from Polidea and watch the offical launch


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Pause Together

Invite your friends to pause with you simultaneously